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We believe in the power of TikTok LIVE and social commerce and we help content creators to win


Meet the Diamonds 

What are tiktok diamonds?

Diamonds function as a digital currency within TikTok LIVE. Users can obtain Coins by making real-money transactions on the platform. Subsequently, they can use these Coins to send virtual gifts to their favorite content creators. These Coins are then converted into Diamonds, which can be exchanged for actual currency.

How much are diamonds worth on TikTok LIVE? 

Currently, the exchange rate for TikTok diamonds to US dollars is set at 1 diamond being equivalent to $0.005 USD. This means that a total of 1000 diamonds is worth $5 USD.

How much is 1000 diamonds on TikTok LIVE?

1000 TikTok diamonds are valued at $5 USD. Creators can accumulate diamonds during their TikTok LIVE and exchange them for real currency. It's worth noting the difference from coins, where 1000 coins are worth $10. This variation arises because TikTok and the creator each receive one diamond from the fee associated with a gifted coin, resulting in this difference.


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Steps to find this:


1. Head to TikTok and turn on Agency Invitation on your TikTok profile

(Settings - Creator tools - Live Center - Agency Center)

2. Paste your invitation code in the box 


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